Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boehner Hoodwinked AGAIN!

Brilliant! Absolutely masterful! Boehner just got snookered in the most fashionable way yet! He and the GOP don't even know what hit them. This was another Obama Parlor game and he won this one big. There was a head fake alright. The ploy was to full court press to turn his Progressives, ostensibly that is. The game was to make it look that way so Boehner would have to go to the well and give up chits to garner votes from his own party. They bit on it. Now, the Progressives can say, hey look, we voted against the Bill. The nasty GOP rolled us. Brilliant!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Africans to Colonial America

In 1619, the House of Burgesses met; the first representative assembly in the New World. Also, in 1619, the first Africans arrived on a Dutch trade ship that had run low on food and traded the Africans for food supplies. These Africans became indentured servants, as slavery did not develop in Virginia for another sixty plus years. Prior to 1700, many indentured women had children with African fathers. These mulatto children were born free.

Around 1700 a law was passed that punished white women who had children by African men. After 1700, the children of these women were often taken away from their mothers and sold as "indentured servants" until they were of age 21. Many if not most of the non-gentlemen colonists also arrived as indentured servants. Indentured servitude generally lasted seven to eight years and was usually ended with payment in the form of land. Most of our ancestors arrived as indentures.

For most of the 1600s, white indentured servants worked the colony's tobacco fields, but by 1705 the Virginia colony had become a slave society.

1619. The ship Treasurer arrived in Bermuda from Virginia, with Africans brought via Jamestown by Captain Daniel Elfrith (sic?). It was reported that acting Governor Miles Kendall had about 29 Africans from that ship locked up because he believed they were stolen from a Spanish ship in the West Indies. It was later discovered they came originally from Angola. Those who arrived in Jamestown on this ship were the first black Africans to be imported to the USA.

In 1650, there were about 300 "Africans" living in Virginia, about 1% of an estimated 30,000 population. They were not slaves; any more than were the approximately 4,000 white indentured servants working out their loans for passage money to Virginia. Many had earned their freedom, and they were each granted 50 acres (200,000 m2) of land when freed from their indentures, so they could raise their own tobacco or other crops. Although they were at a disadvantage in that they had to pay to have their newly acquired land surveyed in order to patent it, white indentured servants found themselves in the same predicament. Some black indentured servants, however, went on to patent and buy land. Anthony Johnson, who settled on the Eastern Shore following the end of indenture, even bought African slaves of his own. George Dillard, a white indentured servant who settled in New Kent County after his servitude ended, held at least 79 acres (320,000 m2) of his own land and was able to marry despite a dearth of women in the colonies at that time.

Between 1618 and early 1619, the governor of the Portuguese colony of Angola, Luis Mendes Vascelos, captured thousands of Africans from the kingdom of Ndongo. These captives were likely the cargo for six slave ships that sailed from Angola to Mexico between 1619 and mid-1620. In early 1619, one of those slave ships, Sao Joao Bautista, left Angola to sail for Vera Cruz. In its cargo were 350 African slaves. While en route to Vera Cruz, the Sao Joao Bautista was intercepted by two Dutch ships, theWhite Lion and the Treasurer off the coast of Mexico. Roughly fifty slaves were stolen by the Dutch ships that then set their sails for Virginia with the intent to sell their recently ascertained cargo.

The White Lion arrived in Virginia in late August 1619. John Colyn Jope, the White Lion’s captain, sold 20-and-some-odd Negroes in exchange for food. These were some of the first Africans to enter the Virginia colony. In 1623 Anthony and Isabella, who arrived on the White Lion in 1619, gave birth to William Tucker, the first documented child of African descent born in English North America.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NYT Reporters Who Gave up Darren Wilson's Address

New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson in the New York Times so here are their addresses:

Julie Bosman
5620 N. Wayne Avenue
Apartment 2
CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204

Campbell Robertson
1113 Dupre Street
New Orleans, LA 70119-3203

They just love to get mail! Send Holiday Cards!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Immigration and Nationality Act Executive Summary

Congress has complete authority over immigration. Presidential power does not extend beyond refugee policy. Except for questions regarding aliens' constitutional rights, the courts have generally found the immigration issue as nonjusticiable.

States have limited legislative authority regarding immigration, and 28 U.S.C. § 1251 details the full extent of state jurisdiction. 

By controlling the visa process, the federal government can achieve the goals of its immigration policies.  There are two types of visas: immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas. The government primarily issues nonimmigrant visas to tourists and temporary business visitors.

Immigrant visas, on the other hand, permit their holders to stay in the United States permanently and eventually to apply for citizenship. Aliens with immigrant visas can also work in the United States. Congress limits the quantity of immigrant visas, which numbered 675,000 in 1995. Many immigrant visas remain subject to per-country caps.

Upon ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, all children born within the United States received citizenship at birth.  

In 1921 Congress passed the Emergency Immigration Act, creating national immigration quotas, which gave way to the Immigration Act of 1924, capping the number of permissible immigrants from each country in a manner proportional to the number already living within the United States.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (INA), also known as the McCarran-Walter Act, eliminated all race-based quotas, replacing them with purely nationality-based quotas.

When Congress passed the INA, it defined an "alien" as any person lacking citizenship or status as a national of the United States. 

Having the proper records and identification typically requires the alien to possess a valid, unexpired passport and either a visa, border crossing identification card, permanent resident card, or a reentry permit. 

The need to curtail illegal immigration prompted Congress to enact the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. The IRCA toughened criminal sanctions for employers who hired illegal aliens, denied illegal aliens federally funded welfare benefits, and legitimized some aliens through an amnesty program.

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996 revolutionized the process of alien entry into the United States.  The IIRIRA eliminated the term "entry," replacing it with "admission."

On March 1, 2003, the Department of Homeland Security opened, replacing the INS. Within the Department, three different agencies - U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement (CBE), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - now handle the duties formerly held by the INS. 

The Refugee Act of 1980 defines the U.S. laws relating to refugee immigrants.  Under the Refugee Act, the term "[[wex:refugee|refugee]]" refers to aliens with a fear of persecution upon returning to their homelands, stemming from their religion, race, nationality, membership in certain social groups, or political opinions.  Anyone who delivers a missing American POW or MIA soldier receives refugee status from the United States.

The United States, however, denies refugee status to any alien who actively persecuted individuals of a certain race, political opinion, religion, nationality, or members of a certain social group.   As a matter of public policy, the government also typically refuses refugee applicants previously convicted of murderer. [Now, who thought up this egregious limitation?]

To qualify for refugee status under the persecution provision, the refugee applicant must prove actual fear. 

The President retains the ultimate decision making authority when determining the number of refugees to allow into the country during a given year. 

Deportation proceedings refer to the official removal of an alien from the United States and provide for causes for deportation.

The U.S. government can initiate deportation proceedings against aliens admitted under the INA that commit an aggravated felony within the United States after being admitted.  An alien's failure to register a change of address renders the alien deportable, unless the failure resulted from an excusable circumstance or mistake.  If the government determines that a particular alien gained entry into the country through the use of a falsified document or otherwise fraudulent means, the government has the grounds to deport.  

Other common grounds for deportation include the following: aiding or encouraging another alien to enter the country illegally; engaging in marriage fraud to gain U.S. admission; participating in an activity that threatens the U.S.'s national security; voting unlawfully; and failing to update the government with a residential address every three months, regardless of whether the address has changed.

If the government brings a proceeding for deportation because of fraud or falsification, the government bears the burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that alleged falsification or fraud occurred and that the falsification or fraud proved material to the granting of admission to the alien. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Principles of Jefferson

About to enter, fellow citizens, on the exercise of duties which comprehend everything dear and valuable to you, it is proper that you should understand what I deem the essential principles of our government, and consequently those which ought to shape its administration. I will compress them within the narrowest compass they will bear, stating the general principle, but not all its limitations.

Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political;

peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none;

the support of the State governments in all their rights, as the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the surest bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies;

the preservation of the general government in its whole constitutional vigor, as the sheet anchor of our peace at home and safety abroad;

a jealous care of the right of election by the people — a mild and safe corrective of abuses which are lopped by the sword of the revolution where peaceable remedies are unprovided;

absolute acquiescence in the decisions of the majority — the vital principle of republics, from which there is no appeal but to force, the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism;

a well-disciplined militia — our best reliance in peace and for the first moments of war, till regulars may relieve them;

Principles of Jefferson: the militia is EVERY able-bodied man between the ages of 18-55. He provided NO exceptions!

the supremacy of the civil over the military authority;

economy in the public expense, that labor may be lightly burdened; the honest payment of our debts and sacred preservation of the public faith;

encouragement of agriculture, and of commerce as its handmaid;

the diffusion of information and the arraignment of all abuses at the bar of public reason;

freedom of religion;

freedom of the press;

freedom of person under the protection of the habeas corpus; and trial by juries impartially selected — these principles form the bright constellation which has gone before us, and guided our steps through an age of revolution and reformation.

Jefferson promised to govern as he felt the Founders intended, based on decentralized government & trust in the people to make the right decisions for themselves. He favored a more literal interpretation of the Constitution and thought that governmental powers shouldn’t be so far-reaching. These are the Principles of Jefferson and these are my principles and why I am a Jeffersonian Democrat. Many continue to ask me what a Jeffersonian Democrat is - read and understand please. I always have been and I always will be a Jeffersonian Democrat.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Congress Bought and Paid For?

OK, here goes. A little background first. I served two governors on staff--extended staff in the only executive agency of the Office of Governor. I served the second governor as personal, senior staff and ran a state agency, all of which was over a 10 year period. Secondly, I served as personal, special assistant to a Member of Congress who served on the all-powerful House Appropriations Committee. Thirdly, I served in the capacity of government relations for a period of 13 years in Washington, DC--that would be as a "Lobbyist" and manager of lobbyists. All total, I have 25 years of service at the seat of state government, federal government and have spent time in the White House, "lobbying" if you will. The above is from someone who has no such background and has missed the problem 100%. This "bought" Congress was elected by those who took the time to vote and even more importantly, those who sat home instead on their dead collective ass.When you see polling on how effective Congress is, you see a number of about 15% and it has been that way for decades. However, when you see the same pollster, asking those same polled, how they rate their individual Congressman, they poll at about 75%. We love our own Congressman but hate Congress. If Congress is comprised of idiots and "bought" individuals, just try to keep in mind who elected them. The person in the WH and the persons in Congress were elected, largely by idiots, about 50% of whom are bought and paid for, i.e. "Free Stuff". Of the other 50%, they are largely comprised of uneducated individuals who have no earthly clue what it is they would like the WH or Congress to do. In my 25 years of service, I have never seen any legislator, governor, congressman or president bought by anyone, certainly not by corporate interests anyway. Corporate participation is a brand new phenomenon. No one in office presently was elected under this new scheme. Nor have any of you who are reading this now. Number 1: GO VOTE OR STFU. Number 2: Educate yourself and vote for what is best for your locale, state, country, not what lines your own pockets, speaking of "bought and paid for." The gentleman you see in the clip above has absolutely no clue. I would take that to its logical conclusion. Any MSNBC "Contributor" is clueless as well. Thank God the Supreme Court is not elected!